Txt-Link for Real Estate

With Txt-Link, interested buyers TEXT MESSAGE an agent's property code to a phone number and instantly receive a link to a brief slideshow / video. When the link is opened the agent receives a text that includes the buyer's phone number, the property number, and the address of the property attached to the link.

Txt-Link reporting functions give agents the ability to archive captured buyer data for later review. Txt-Link is a powerful tool that provides 24 hour listing access and helps generate solid leads to CLOSE DEALS quickly.

TxtMyLink for Business

With TxtMyLink you can provide information to your customers or guests easily through text messaging. When a customer or guest sends your predetermined “keyword” to your unique phone number, they are sent an auto response with specific information or a hot-link to a pre-designated website or website location. Smartphone and tablet users can click directly on the link to easily access your information.